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Autism self-assessment framework 2013

The Autism Self-Assessment Exercise 2013 aimed to assist local authorities and their partners in assessing progress in implementing the 2010 Adult Autism Strategy. The findings will inform the formal review of the strategy which will be revised as necessary by March 2014.

All 152 local authorities completed the self-assessment exercise by November 2013.

The background to the exercise can be found here. A list of questions asked about the exercise can be accessed here

The full details of the exercise are published here in various formats. From this page, you can download reports on the initial and detailed findings, a collection of personal stories, a review version of the data and PDFs of local authorities returns.

1. Autism self-assessment exercise 2013: Initial findings

In this report we present the findings for each question overall.

Autism Self-Assessment Framework Initial Findings
PDF Autism saf initial findings
Adobe PDF file - 270 kb
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Uploaded: 2013-12-23 14:46:49
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2. Autism self-assessment exercise 2013: Personal stories

In this document features the stories which were submitted as part of the self-assessment exercise. Some stories are the words of people with autism. Others were clearly written by carers or advocates either about their own experiences, or on behalf of people with autism.

We have presented them grouped into the broad themes. We have edit the stories where necessary to protect the identification of individuals.

Autism self-assessment framework 2013: Personal stories
PDF Autism saf 2013 personal stories
Adobe PDF file - 789 kb
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3. Autism self-assessment exercise 2013: Detailed findings

In this report we present the detailed findings for each question. This includes charts to summarise the results by region and maps to display the results from local authorities.

Autism Self-Assessment Exercise 2013: Detailed report and thematic analyses

Detailed findings from the 2013 Local Authority Autism self-assessment exercise. Includes Maps and thematic analyses.

PDF 20140416 autism self-assessment exercise detailed report and thematic analyses
Adobe PDF file - 17.7 Mb
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1 archived version

4. Review version of the responses

This spreadsheet provides all the responses, including the additional comments, by local authorities. This makes it easy to pick a question and compare the responses from different areas. Filters make it easy to select questions, regions and local authorities.

IHaL 2014-01-17 Autism Self-Assessment Framework 2013 - Review version of data
XLSX Ihal 2014-01-17 autism self-assessment framework 2013 - review version of data
Microsoft Excel 2007 file - 1.1 Mb
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5. Full returns

PDF versions of each local authorities returns can be downloaded are listed below.

North East

North West

Yorkshire and The Humber

East Midlands

West Midlands

East of England


South East

South West