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Felicity Evison

How many people have learning disabilities - about the numbers

The total number of pupils aged 7-15 has been calculated using the total numbers of pupils in MSOAs according to the 2010 school census, and proportioning these figures into the total numbers of pupils in Wards, Local Authorities or Regions.

A set of four models have been produced using the school census data to estimate the number of pupils aged 7-15 at school action plus or statement level of SEN with moderate learning difficulty (MLD), severe learning difficulties (SLD), profound and multiple learning difficulty (PMLD) and autistic spectrum disorder (ASD). The numbers on this page reflect the outcomes of the models, after altering them so that all the local education authorities had the same effect on the model. The predictions were again produced at MSOA level and proportioned out into the areas below. 95% lower and upper confidence intervals are also provided.

The numbers provided can be used to calculate rates of the estimated number of children with learning difficulties. This can be done be dividing the number of children with the type of learning difficulty of interest by the total number of pupils. To get an estimate of the total number of children with learning difficulty, the columns MLD, SLD and PMLD can be added together (together with ASD, if needed). Estimates can also be produced for a combination of wards or local authorities, by adding together the predicted numbers for the groups of areas that are required.