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Local Variations

This tool shows modelled data for how many schoolchildren aged 7-15 with learning disabilities can be expected to live in each region, local authority and ward in England.

The columns indicate the expected numbers of pupils with Severe Learing Difficulties; Profound and Multiple Learning Difficulties; Moderate Learning Difficulties; and Autistic Spectrum Disorder in each area.

If an area name has a + symbol by it, you can click on it to see subdivisions of that area. Geographies available are regions; local authorities (upper and lower tier, or unitary); and wards.

Move your mouse pointer over a number to see upper and lower confidence bounds for that number.

North East251,862872.4305.610,653.72,416.9
North West 700,0952,609.5836.527,347.56,567.7
Yorkshire and Humber519,4302,180.8625.420,127.54,837.2
East Midlands442,7651,406.9485.815,026.84,214.8
West Midlands566,3242,460.3701.122,114.25,066.2
South East791,5012,330.9787.221,520.87,692.2
South West485,9201,465.6498.613,975.34,601.5