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Alison Copeland

Learning Disability Partnership Board Reports 2010/11


All the Valuing People Learning Disability Partnership Boards in England were asked to produce reports about their work in the year from April 2010 to March 2011.

They were given a set of questions to answer.

We collected their answers. We have shown what they said on the links from this page.

You can see the questions they were asked on our Instructions page.

  • 124 out of 153 boards sent in an annual report. You can see all of the reports in full here
  • 6 of these arrived too late to be included in our reporting. So our report is about 118.
  • 84 reports (72%) were signed by the Partnership Board co-chairs.
  • 74 reports (63%) were signed on behalf of members with a learning disability.
  • 72 reports (61%) were signed on behalf of members who are family carers.

We have written a report summarising all the numerical and textual information in the Partnership Board local reports.

An easy read summary of this report is available.

You can also see a summary of findings in the web pages linked below. Alternatively you can download a powerpoint presentation of the same information at the bottom of this page.

There were four main groups of questions:

Partnership Board Progress Reports 2010
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