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Susie Baines

About our Reasonable Adjustments project 2013

In October 2010 Improving Health and Lives Learning Disabilities Observatory (IHaL) undertook a Reasonable Adjustments survey of all NHS Trusts. From this we produced a report of the reasonable adjustments reported by NHS Trusts, some guidance for NHS Trusts following on from the report, and a searchable electronic database of reasonable adjustments.

We are now undertaking a second, shorter, survey of Trusts concerning reasonable adjustments. We hope to produce a number of outputs from this second survey: 1) An up to date map of acute liaison nurses across NHS Trusts in England. 2) A short report and other outputs detailing the extent to which NHS Trusts in England are implementing key reasonable adjustments. 3) An updated searchable database of reasonable adjustments on our website.

We want to hear from any professional with a relevant role within a Trust. This includes Acute Liaison Nurses, Equality and Diversity leads, and Safeguarding leads.

A link to the survey can be found here

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