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Gyles Glover


People's Parliament Interviews

In this section, members of the People's parliament interview Improving Health and Lives staff about their work.

The People's Parliament is a forum made up of people with learning disabilities elected from the communities all around the County Durham area. You can see more about the People's Parliament here.

Prof John Newton, Chief Knowledge Officer for Public Health England answers questions from Dawn Johnson and Vicki Raphael about the future of the Learning Disabilities Public Health Observatory

Heather and Brian interview Sue Turner about commissioning guidance for Clinical Commissioning Groups.

Julia Smith and Andy Collins interview Eric Emerson about Health Inequalities for people with learning disabilities.

Julia and Paul interview Janet Robertson about about how health checks help people with learning disabilities.

Advisory Group Presentations

Members and helpers of the Observatory's Advisory Group talk on topics that are significant to them.

Tony and Terri Williamson talk about Tony's experiences in a National Health hospital.

Helen Daly talks about wheelchairs.

Members of a self-advocacy group talk about health checks.